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Cyber Security Analyst

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Technologies you will learn

Cyber Security program is one of the programs being offered by Syntax Technologies. The program is designed to teach practical skills for becoming Cyber Security professionals. The course is divided into three phases:

  • Network Fundamentals: this phase will enable students to learn basic technologies, tools and protocols to learn computer architecture/network infrastructure.
  • Offensive Security: this phase will teach the students the practical concepts of hacking network infrastructures & web applications. This part of the course is completely practical and hands on. Students will be provided with a lab environment to learn hacking techniques and implement offensive concepts.
  • Catch the hacker : based upon artificial intelligence technologies, this phase covers the technologies utilized to learn skills for catching a hacker who wants to infiltrate our network.

Cyber Security program is designed to train people with no IT background to become Cyber Security Professionals that combine offensive and defensive approaches to enable organizations in building resilient network infrastructure controls against the hackers.

The duration of the course is four months, which covers the basic theoretical concepts for network infrastructure, web applications, databases, and web applications. Students are provided lab environments and tasks to implement core concepts in becoming cyber security professionals.During the second month students will learn and understand the process of exploitation. The investigation process of analyzing network/software/database vulnerabilities. Exploitation being the core part of Ethical hacking/Penetration Testing, has a vast set of tools and possibilities. The third month is based on web application hacking technologies. Students will learn the advanced and modern exploitation techniques, such as: defacing websites, remote file inclusion, local file inclusion, gaining remote shell, and maintaining access on the exploited web application or its web server. Additionally, the students will also learn how to extract critical data from web servers.The last part of the course, the fourth month, is all about utilizing artificial intelligence technologies to catch a hacker. Students will have an introduction to Security Operation Center (SOC): how SOC analysts identify, analyze and report the threats and risks in the cyber space of the organizations. The practical lab environment will include working on Splunk & IBM – Qradar. These technologies will be leveraged to develop Indicators of Compromise (IOC’s), scripts and algorithms to automate the process of detecting any attack surfaces.

See What will you learn

Network Architecture & TCP – IP Basics
  • Network Fundamentals
  • IP Services and Layer 4 protocols
  • Network Infrastructure Components
  • Security Fundamentals
Offensive Security & Ethical Hacking
  • Introduction to Cyber Security
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis
  • Exploitation Research
  • Linux Services and reverse shell
Web Application Hacking
  • Web Application Architecture
  • Web Application Fuzzers
  • Web Application Exploitation
  • Brute Force/Dictionary Attacks
  • Threat Hunting and Modelling
  • Indicator of Compromise (IoCs) Hunting
  • Introduction: Security Operation Center
  • SIEM Solutions : Basics
  • Splunk
  • QRadar
  • Fireye
  • Incident Response Cycle


In-Class Training and Online, Four Days a week


Tuesday and Thursday

7:00 Pm – 10:00 Pm

Saturday and Sunday

11:00 Am – 03:00 Pm

Intended Audience

This course does NOT require prior knowledge and experience and is open to everyone.

This course is designed for those who want a Career in Data Analytics or Business intelligence. The focus of this course is on Business Intelligence tools such as Power BI or Tableau and ETL tools such as SQL Server Integration Services or Talend.

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